Sophie la girafe Magic Lantern Revolution 2.0 Bluetooth

Warning This product is not in stock at this moment, please note delivery may take about 21 weeks.

€ 69,99

Why a REVOLUTION ? Because with this lantern multifunction you have several options to sooth your child while falling asleep.

• « Soothing Nightlight »: When turned on, animated picture rotates in front of your child’s soothed and amazed eyes.
• « Star Projector »: Once the function is activated, the lantern will project stars all over the ceiling like a starry night sky in child’s bedroom.

• « Musical Nightlight »: The lamp has 4 recorded lullabies and... because we want you to have multiple choices, you can also play your own stories and songs directly from your mobile devices. Simply connect your device in wireless mode to play any content you find on the internet.
• « Cry Detector »: In case your child has a nightmare, the lamp would detect cries and the light/lullaby would turn on automatically.

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