Lulla doll: sleep companion for babies

Published on: 06-11-2023

The unique and innovative Lulla doll has been called a miracle by parents worldwide.
Lulla doll is a soother and sleep companion for preemies, babies, toddlers, and beyond. It imitates closeness to a caregiver at rest with its soft feel and soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat.

Lulla is loved by thousands of parents and children and is used in homes and hospitals worldwide.

Designed in Iceland and inspired by scientific research on closeness, sleep, and wellbeing - the Lulla doll was in development for three years with the help of doctors, nurses, psychologists, parents, and babies.

"I cannot praise this product high enough. From day 1, my daughter became very attached to it and has finally started to fall asleep easier & stay asleep for longer. This little doll has been a lifesaver. Thank you!" - Mandy P.

''Sophie absolutely adores her Lulla. We cannot go one night without her. As soon as Sophie gets upset or unsetteled, we put Lulla on and she calms down straight away. Just want to say thank you for saving my sanity'' - Jess


''Lulla is the best thing I have bought. It's like magic. It soothes him when he's distressed with his colic and helps to send him to sleep. I couldn't be happier with the purchase!'' - Carly G.
Lulla doll

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